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Source Vert is advertising that is on public places such as vehicles, house fences, and publicly or privately owned properties. Outdoor advertising has become an integral part of the urban scene, with advertising signs of every description proliferating throughout the city. This highly visual medium is an indicator of the economic growth. Source Vert aims to strike a balance between outdoor advertising opportunities and economic development.


Source Vert will be regulated by a set of legal requirements in regards to application procedures, safety, amenity and decency, the design and construction of signs, as well as the types of signs and their display. Our advertising package will offer businesses high-profile way to publicize themselves: by turning cars, trucks, house fences into advertising fronts.


In exchange, Source Vert will pay the vehicle or home owner a month fee for as long as the advert stays on their premises or vehicle. We all know how tough the economy is, but it’s sad to see how many vehicle and homeowners are really struggling.


Source Vert will partner with companies that want to market their businesses within different locations all over South Africa. The adverts will be placed on vehicles as wraps and mounted as billboards on Houses fences. The initial agreement will be for at least three months, and the agreement may be extended up to one year later on. At the end of the agreement, Source Vert will collect its billboards or wraps.

Source Vert will also offer advertising app and website that allows local businesses to place ads for free. Source Vert is in its venture capital stage and seeks to get the business into the market. The business if successful will scale into other parts of the world.

We will not advertise on homes that are on Leases and rentals, nor homes in cities with bylaws that would prohibit billboard advertising.

Our service range includes a wide range of Advertising,

  1. Car advertising printing service
  2. Media Car Add Services
  3. Car Display Advertisement
  4. Private Car Advertising Services
  5. And Mobile Vans.


Who can benefit from this?

  • Anyone with a home with great traffic movement
  • Vehicles owners that travel a lot
  • Land owners where the land is in a high traffic zone


How will we contribute to the Community through this project?

  • Job creation for printers and designers
  • Work creation for developers
  • Work for technical billboard installers
  • Agents that will be on the lookout for create places to place our adverts


Our Stakeholders 

We looking to work closely with a number of partners in building a positive, unified South Africa; one that builds, promotes investment, tourism and helps new enterprises and job creation. We are proud to support, and hope to be supported by other private and public institutions.


Contact: Prince Abuh   Tel: 012 758 7832  Mob: 084 739 2814   Email: info@afribox.space

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