Afribox Space provides the ideal platform for anyone looking to sale, own and invest in property, whether it’s your first property or adding to your property portfolio.

We try our best to walk sellers/buyers through the property selling/buying process – and this includes the finance zone, property zone, a First-Time Buyer assistance and a Property Investor deal finder.

We offer opportunities to discuss affordability and interact with the different lenders available, see new developments and agent listings, compare prices if buying, understand rental returns and make decisions about your purchase if investing.

Property we Buy/Sale: New developments, Income properties, Primary Residence, Student housing, Affordable housing, International property, Retirement property, Vacant land, Rental property

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Single Property Website

The property market is one of the most saturated and you need to get your property to stand out. When you put your property on the market your property falls in line with other similar houses. With a website, you will be a cut above the rest. Don’t get overlooked.

3D Property Walk Through

Virtual tours are stale. Discover truly immersive 3D home tours for all types real estate listings from AfriBox. AfriBox Space helps you to engage buyers and delight sellers. 

Aerial Filming And Photography

Residential Real Estate listing Commercial Real Estate listing photos and videos. Environmental site photography. Construction site photos.  All photos taken with high specification drone technology.